Hammer's Slammers: Game Scenery

The bridge was made from plasticard and model railway supplies. The building in front of it from plastic boxes and piping from EMA
We used a selection of different buildings on the game representing different technology levels. The K'hiff live mostly (we decided) in rustic dwellings bearing quite a remarkable resemblance to 'Vietnam' style village dwellings of the 20th century. This seemed to fit with Drake's real background/motivation and we kind of had them already builtů

They were scratch built from balsa, cocktail sticks and barbecue skewers, sisal string and scale corrugated iron (sheet plastic) roofs.

This building was fromed from a smashed motorcycle rear light lens with resin accessories

Other more industrial dwellings were made from sheet 3mm plasticard with resin SF style doors and fittings from various manufacturers. These were then painted with PVA glue and then dipped in sand to texture the outsides. Close up of building made from computer supply materials
Other industrial buildings were constructed from the usual mix of broken toys, household and computer supply items, medical piping and architectural model making items. This last source (EMA 01932 228228) supplied tubing and pipe fittings, ladders, valves etc.

Lastly a bridge was constructed from model railway bridges (several) and 3mm plasticcard. This had to be long enough to span our river and strong and wide enough to support several big resin tanks in 25mm scale.
The same "computer supply" building with a roof tank made from a desk cable 'gromet' and resin storage tanks. Piping from EMA
The base Terrain itself varied. We used custom made, professionally manufactured, 2ft square, polystyrene terrain boards. We also used a big, green felt cloth with foam rubber hills stuck underneath it. On reflection, the latter was probably superior. On both of these were marked a "grid" of 150mm hexes using suitable coloured felt tips to enable hex movement of the vehicles.
All vehicles were produced by Ground Zero Games, figures by GZG and Denizen miniatures and terrain was scratch built.

Photography and site development by John Treadaway.
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