Hammer's Slammers: Figures

This page contains a number of reference photographs to demonstrate painting techniques.

Click on to the small thumbnail shots below to go to a page of a large blow-up of the figures in question with a listing of the painter and manufacturer.

The thumbnails are - depending on the viewing screen - around twice as big as the 28mm tall figures are in 'reality'. Please bear in mind that these models when 'blown up' are a lot bigger than the size they would normally be viewed at!
Barthe Infantry, comms Barthe Infantry, crouching Barthe gunner Barthe Tanker
Slammers Skimmer rider Slammers Infantry Thunderbolt Buzz-bomb Thunderbolt Infantry, female
Thunderbolt heavy gunner Thunderbolt gunner Thunderbolt Infantry Barthe Infantry
Photography and site development by John Treadaway.
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