Hammer's Slammers: Game Rules

A big view of a Slammers speeder

The rule system is not our own but a severely modified, commercially available set called Silent Death: a set of spaceship combat rules produced by Iron Crown Enterprises.

A couple of years ago the Warlords ran a game called Low Level Hell - a Vietnam helicopter game. Our starting position for that game was, again, a modified set of Silent Death rules. Of course, when we came to write the rules for Rolling Hot, we used the work we had already done on Low Level Hell - terrain rules, infantry groups and so on - and added to them. Rush right out now and buy a copy of Silent Death. It's a fine set of rules.

Below are a selection of play sheets and rule ammendments - produced as Acrobat pdf files - for use with the Silent Death system.

Rule amendments (last update 20/10/00)
Play Sheets (in colour) (last update 08/12/01)
Vehicle Sheets
Blower Tank

Command Car

Slammers Hog Slammers Walrus CEV
Maus Tank Panther Tank Slammers Jeep Vulcan AAA
Panhard 6 Panhard 6b Panhard 8 Weasel and Goliath
Slammers Truck Swine Artillery Stoat Jeep Rommel Tank Destroyer
Puma APC Marder Tank
Jaeger Tank Destroyer Hetzer Tank Destroyer
Infantry 1 Infantry 2 Infantry 3 Infantry 4
Calliope AAA Ambulance Buildings St Chamond Heavy Tank Destroyer
Power Armour Infantry Waldheim Covenanter Waldheim Crusader Waldheim
Pulpit MLRS
Big Zip file with everything in it (3.4MB)
All vehicles were produced by Ground Zero Games, figures by GZG and Denizen miniatures and terrain was scratch built.

Photography and site development by John Treadaway.
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