Hammer's Slammers: Model vehicle conversions - part 2

The basic componenents - the Blower tank hull  and gun minus the turretMain hull from BlowerMantletBarrel
Building the St Chamond
In the book "TheWarrior" Drake mentions a heavy 'blower' tank destroyer used by Baffin's Legion. At the end of one battle, with the death of their commander Baffin, the unit is taken over by an ex Slammer: Broglie. And so Baffin's Legion becomes Broglie's Legion.

From the description Drake gives, the obvious vehicle to chose for a base for this conversion was the Ground Zero Games Blower Tank. The hull only was required - this is a tank destroyer, after all, and so the turret was put to one side though the crew and main weapon were used.

Fully assembled, minus the crew

A small power drill was used with a routing head to remove the cast in anti-mine mortar at the hull front and the mantlet mounted in it's place.

I reasoned that the driver would have to be set back some what as her place would be taken by the breech so the driver's hatch coaming and vision blocks were sanded off and replacements fabricated from a piece of space ship engine from the spares box and 1.5mm plastic card.

The commander's cupola was stuck straight to the hull and a mount made for the tri-barrel by drilling in a brass tube for strength.

Added stowage cage and rear set driver's position
A stowage basket was made up in the usual way from brass rod and etched brass mesh and drilled into the side of the vehicle.

I spent a lot of time drilling and gluing things onto the Tank destroyer's hull - the barrel and mantlet are epoxied into position but pretty much everything else is drilled, pined and glued. I figured that the side 'bustle' full of kit was positioned just where most people would pick the tank up so I made sure that this was solid and secure.

The stowage itself was stuck on with super glue direct to the vehicle, except for the stuff in the basket which was stuck onto a 'pallet' of plastic card so that it could be painted separately.
Stowage in the basket was removable to aid painting
Baffin's tank destroyers were painted in 'light sensitive paint' meaning that they would change their camouflage appearance, 'chameleon' style, but I figured olive green would do as a 'standard' setting.

The vehicle was painted using Tamiya, Humbrol and Citadel acrylics on a base of Humbrol matt green from one of their spray cans. Weathering required another spray can of Humbrol dark earth, with washes of Humbrol enamel and artists chalks and drybrushing applied afterwards.

Transfers are the usual selection of bomber nose art, all applied over gloss varnish (more Humbrol spray cans).

More added white metal stowage and a brass tow chain
Why the "St Chamond"?
Well, the resemblance to a certain WWI tank built by FAMH in France is fairly obvious if you know your tanks, and Kevin Dallimore (who painted the crew) does love his crap French war machines...
The finished item - "Jelly Belly" - CLICK HERE: to go to the St Chamond file page
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