Hammer's Slammers: Model vehicle conversions - part 3

Main hull from BlowerMantletBarrelConversion of the heavy combat car pre paintingTarp made from textured aluminium foil from food packagingsolid splinter shield made from plastic cardweapons and packs in white metalmesh splinter shield in etched brassaluminium support polesaluminium support polesequipment lockersplastic panel armourplastic panel armourplastic panel armourfan cover made from etched metal
A Heavy Combat Car
To fit in with the variation in description of the Combat Car in Drake's books, I wanted to build one to a differing level of specification.

This model represents a vehicle with increased armour added in packs to the exterior of the vehicle raising the mass up to 50 tonnes.

It has a solid splinter shield and a reduction in the number of fans from 12 to 8.

All of the fans ground off

To build this a GZG combat car has had all of the fan detail removed with a mini-drll fitted with a sanding head.
Added Armour and Fans:
Conversion of the heavy combat car with armour and fans added
Armour panels were then added using plastic card and putty. New fan inlets were made using wire mesh 'domed' into holes pre-drilled in the plastic card before fitment.
Conversion of the heavy combat car pre painting
A solid splinter shield was then added on posts made from tubular aluminium and stowage glued on in the usual way.

This is still 'a work in progress' as the crew has not been completed and the model has not reached beyond the 'primer' stage. There are no plans to put this model vehicle into production.
Photography and site development by John Treadaway.
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