click here to see it big! War of the Daleks is an attempt to produce something unusual: Doctor Who based games have been produced before, but we wanted to try a different approach - an all Dalek participation game in a large scale.

Using the range of 1/35th scale Daleks (by Media Collectables) and sections of resin corridor (from the 'Blastwall' range by Ainsty Castings) we have built a game called War of the Daleks, based around a thoroughly explored timeline. We've made some big inroads into creating a catalogue of colour schemes for the Daleks and we have also included an introduction into the very simple rules we use at opendays.

Film Dalek The rules are simple for a good reason: they aren't designed, after all, to take into account terrain more complex than corridors and rooms, or creatures much more varied than Daleks (though other enemies of the Daleks turn up!).

LATEST RULES: Additional scenario notes about game set up, following input from users of this site!

LATEST ENEMY: YETI and Sontarans).

LATEST: a new supplier of pre-painted Daleks and Cybermen from Forbidden Planet

LATEST APPEARANCE: The Game made its last apperance at Sheffield Tripples 2005 where it won BEST PARTICIPATION GAME

Since then we have run it as Tomb of the Cybermen at Salute 2011

For the PDF of the Salute Zero Four Dalek Programme Paragraph Game, click HERE
new YETI click here to see it big!
Anyway, the game is designed to be fun so: exhilarate!



Sontarans in Action CLICK HERE to go to more images of themNew CybermenNew DaleksDestroyed Cyberman and Cybermatsnew red dalekPyramids of Mars Mummy