Hammer's Slammers: Shake down game

CLICK HERE: to see close up shots of this bridgeWe ran a game of Rolling Hot at SELWG 2001. In the run up to this we tried the scenario out at the Club hall and ran through the scenario.

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The Slammer's objective: the village of Ben'lac The Combat Cars cross the muddy Ben'ra river but they have a surprise waiting for them under the bridge: a Thunderbolt Legion jeep mounted unit opens up with and trashes a Combat Car As 'Snow White' crosses the bridge it notes a Vulcan air defence vehicle laying in wait on the far bank
Mac, the commander of Snow White desperately tries to bring his main gun to bear from the bridge The village seems deserted - where can they be holding the Major? Ooops! that's a calliope up by the watch tower!
Snow White begins to pound the village as the search for the major is undertaken More trouble with that Vulcan: buildings burn as the Major is located hiding under the floor of a hooch Steuben is located - let's clear out of here!
The Thunderbolt tank unit returns - time for the Slammers to leave!  
All pictures in this section taken by
Adam Tennant
Slammers Scenario - Rescue of a downed crew

The briefing to the Slammers players went like this:

Hidden somewhere near a village is a downed pilot and passenger from an executive skimmer. The passener is none other than Major Steuben - Alois Slammer's chief aide and head of the White Mice.

A force of Slammers troops has been put together as quickly as possible to rescue them from the village of Ben'Lac.

Scenario MapBen'ra RiverBen'ra RiverVillage of mostly primitive dwellingsBridge - capable of supporting 200 tonnes

Ben'Lac vilage is populated by the K'hiff but rumour has it that it is a Thunderbolt mercenary base. It is situated on the banks of the Ben'ra river which has a major bridge crossing it. All vehicles except the tank will be able to cross the river without recourse to the bridge. The Slammers force will approach from the 'far' side of the river.

The Slammers know that the two people that they seek are relatively nearby because of a radio beacon that was picked up in the area but this has now stopped transmitting. It is presumed that the targets are still alive but whether they are still free or are captured is an unknown.

The Slammer's job is to sweep the area, including the village if necessary, and recover the Slammers personnel. Any enemy encountered can be avoided or neutralised as applicable.

All though the ELB (exact locator beacon) is no longer transmitting all 3 jeeps are fitted with detector equipment which will give a bearing of the comms helmets that Steuben and his colleague were wearing. This equipment will give an indication of direction, depending on range.



6 Combat Cars
1 Command Car
3 Jeeps
1 Tank

Victory Conditions:

Major Steuben MUST be recovered.


The Slammers players lost some jeeps and two combat cars to early ambushes as they crossed the river. The tank had to take the bridge, as can be seen by the photographs.

Although they did not realise it, the Slammers team were on a time limit. Every turn involved a greater risk (via a dice role) of the rest of the Thunderbolt Legion mercenaries returning with some heavy armour (2 Panthers and a St Chamond).

Steuben was eventually recovered by the expedient of, having located him, reversing a combat car in to the building he was hiding under, though the romm above was full of K'hiff - with buzz bombs, as it turned out!

Not only were the K'hiff hitting the withdrawing Cars with RPG's they rammed them twice with smaller vehicles.

The Slammers got their man out but lost vehicles and crew in the process. The tank, was badly damaged but still mobile. I'm sure Major Steuben thought it was worth it!!

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