Other Mercenary Companies, Equipment and Weapon Systems

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The Slammers' opponents range from indigenous primitive populations, with no projectile weapons whatsoever, through low tech farm worlds, to high tech, planetary standing armies and other Mercenary units.

In general, only a few of their mercenary opponents are as well equipped as the Slammers, and virtually no indigs come close - the Slammers are the best and they buy the best gear (and charge the best rates, too).

Standing armies often fight with 'conventional' (i.e. 20th century) weapons or might buy better. Mercenaries almost always seem to purchase better kit. This might include Power guns or Cone-bore or flechette weapons as sidearms.

Wheeled and tracked vehicles - tanks, APC's, jeeps and tank destroyers - see use with planetary armies, while other merc units might favour 'blowers' armed with lasers, gauss driven rail guns or CAP (Combustion Assisted Plasma - "poor man's powerguns").

Local indigs in one planet fight with "technicals" (as they are called in Somalia) - 4x4 jeeps & trucks with missile packs, conventional machine guns and even the odd power gun. Another standing army uses 20th century style assault rifles firing glass ammunition.

Thunderbolt Division Jaeger Tank Killers and Vulcan AAA advance through a town square

Maus Heavy Tank crosses bridge
Other mercenary companies include:

Broglie's Legion
Formerly known as Baffin's Legion, they changed their name after a change of commander. The main offensive vehicle is the St Chamond - a heavy blower tank destroyer armed with a 15cm power gun - with air defence provided by calliopes. Upgrades to their vehicles include a 2cm tri-barrel on each vehicle to cut reliance on the calliopes. Infantry move in APC's.

Compagnie de Barthe
Heavily Infantry orientated they supplement their forces with blower vehicles using 5cm High Velocity Power guns in an anti tank role.

Thunderbolt Division
Not a well equipped mercenary company, the Thunderbolts have few blowers and supplement their frontline vehicles with a number of wheeled, tracked and half track units.

Zaporoskiye Brigade
A Slavic unit ustilising tracked tanks with a coil gun mounted in the hull and a side munted cupola fitted with a smaller version of the same weapon. The unit has made some use of Powered Armour

Fasolini's Company
This is primarily an infantry unit employing Cone-bore weapons as side arms and, on a larger scale, for support.

Heliodorus Regiment
A light infantry outfit with no AFVs: wheeled transport (10 wheels, light armour) with 'coil guns' for side arms and support. These are gauss weapons firing explosive bullets.

Anti-tank specialists - 5cm HV crew served weapons

Harris' Commando
Electromagnetic (EM) Slug throwers and buzz bombs

West Riding Yeomanry
50 tonne Laser Hovertanks( roof-mounted laser). Also some form of slug-throwing tank: Yeomanry guns fired frangible shot that broke into a hypersonic spray on the other side of the penetration.

Their hovertanks are armored with sloping ceramic layered in ablative sheets, proof against single bolts or even a short burst, plenum chamber from light plastic.

Anders' Legion
Combined arms battalion on tracked armored personnel carriers.

Apex Dragoons
6 wheeled APCs and gun carriers, ran on six or eight wheels. Armored personnel carriers with 2 anti-tank missiles on a cupola mounting an automatic cannon. APC's armoured with aluminum/ceramic sandwich. Also use larger vehicles with a long electrochemical cannon in its turret - a forty-tonne guncarrier. These use liquid propellant set off by a jolt of high current through tungsten wire. Besides adding electrical energy to the chemical charge, the method ignited the propellant instantly and maximized efficiency for any bore that could accept the pressures.

Sons of Mangala
Battalion-sized infantry unit.

The Waldheim Dragoons
Mechanized and at brigade strength, maybe a thousand combat vehicles. They've got powerguns and there's three 5-cm cannon in each platoon. Also tribarrels on APCs and 10-cm powerguns on their tanks.

Use Calliopes & 10 wheeled truck mounted rockets mlrs

Other units include the Lightning Division, the Poplar Regiment, Hampton's Legion, Guardforce O'Higgins, Division Legere - an infantry unit who wear disruptive pattern fatigues and use hover APC'S, Bartel's Armor and a unit simply known as "The Brazillians" of which little deatail is available

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This list includes information from the up coming "Paying the Piper"
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