Hammer's Slammers: Latest Additions

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Most recent updates - 11/04/05

Official Hammers Slammers website To support the new Handbook
Recent updates - 29/06/02
Mercenary Units More names located
Recent updates - 26/03/02
Sheffield Tripples 2002 The Game is taken to a two day show
SELWG 2001 A Shakedown Game to try out some new stuff
Recent updates - 8/12/01
The Waldheim Dragoons A new unit of Mercenaries joins the fray

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New play sheets

A new version of the colour play sheets as a PDF. This has two new weapon classes (10cm Tank gun and MLRS) plus has the advantage of being squeezed onto two sheets of paper.

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Also new are play sheets for three vehicles from the he Waldheim Dragoons.

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Weapon adjustment Following comments from David Drake, the 3cm Gatlings mounted on the Vulcan have been reduced in size to 2cm. Check out the page here of the revised vehicle sheet here.

The new compacted play sheet already has this feature changed.
Recent updates - 28/11/01
New Mercenary companies
from David Drake's upcoming book "Paying the Piper"

New additions to this Other Mercs page

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Shots of a Recent Game A recent scenario with photos from the Warlords club house by Adam Tennant

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Project in Progress The 50 tonne combat car - still a work in progress

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Previous updates
Power Armour "Pancahte" style powered armour with new weapons class: the 10cm infantry powergun.

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St Chamond Heavy Tank Destroyer Go to the St Chamond page
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Combat Cars

Additional and revised information on Heavy Combat Cars
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Coil Guns A new weapons class
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Rule Changes Revised Point Defence against Infantry
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Vehicle Names List of vehicle names used in the source material with pictures of game vehicles (concentrating on the application of decals)
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